About Us

Finding the next generation of voices of the gospel community and introducing them along with many ministers, pastors, artists, ministries & entrepreneurs is the passionate mission and goal of The Gospel Grid eRadio.  We clearly understand the challenge of Internet broadcasting as we also thoroughly grasp the plethora of advantages this format provides; garnering listeners locally, nationally, even internationally, is a game changer on so many levels for ministries and businesses that have been looking to expand their territory.  We are using this platform to carve out a niche to help thousands of independent ministries and businesses take it to the next level spiritually and professionally -- but without breaking the bank. 


We broadcast 24/7 with a very unique format.  We have found what we believe to be the perfect amalgamation of preaching and music with prerecorded shows as well as live programming for ministers, artists and business people from all over the country.  Download our app today to begin your mobile experience with the best of independent gospel ministries and music.


According to Pew Research, 64% of adults in America have smart phones and 42% have tablets.  Along with faster desktops and in the invention of smart TV's, connecting to the Internet has never been so easy and so simple. We want to build a platform for independent ministries, artists and Christian businesses.  We want to give them an opportunity to speak to and interact with the Body of Christ.  The playing field has not been level for many years now because of collusion, greed and a lack of leadership.  Our mission is simple: Give independent ministries, artists, and Christian businesses the same opportunities as those that are considered "national" but with terms that are affordable and professional.