Due to the December 2015 Copyright Board (CRB) ruling, which has astronomically increased the royalty on songs played over the Internet, The Gospel Grid eRadio is moving to an all “Direct Internet Radio License Music Broadcasting Format”.  This ruling by the CRB has been the literal demise of over 5,000 stations that used the platform and countless others that used Stream Licensing and Pronet Licensing.  We have no way of knowing the intent of the 3 Copyright Board judges who made this decision in not renewing the Small Webcasters Agreement, which would allowed rated to remain unchanged; maybe this was simply to control the larger genres, e.g. pop, country, rock, R & B, we don’t know.  We do know this, however, we will not allow Gospel Music to become collateral damage as the world consolidates and jockey's for a bigger piece of the pie!


This new format, Direct Internet Radio License Music Broadcasting, will in essence preclude SoundExhange, the Internet royalty collection agency, from doing so because you give us permission, by way of the license, to play your music royalty free just like terrestrial or brick and mortar stations.  Nothing else will change!  We will continue to pay our yearly fees to the PRO’s (performance rights organizations -- BMI, ASCAP & SESAC) just like terrestrial station do. 


In order for your music to be approved, you will must own the sound recording/master recording and finish the following step below:


  1. Let us know that you initiated the process by filling out the form field to your right.  After the information has been submitted, it will automatically notify us and we will place you in a queue according to your submission.  Once you have completed the following items, you will be removed from queue and your music sent to the programming department for input in heavy rotation for 30 days.  Then move to standard rotation for 60 days and light rotation thereafter.

  2. Download the Direct Internet Radio License Music Broadcasting form from below, sign & date it and email it to us as soon as possible.  Your music will NOT be promoted on our station until we received it.

  3. Complete and maintain a professional free listing in The Gospel Grid Directory. Please keep your listing current. (Click here to get started.) 

  4. After receiving your Direct Internet Radio License Music Broadcasting form, we will then purchase your two singers from one of your digital outlet retailers.  We have two primary reasons for doing this.  First, we want to support independent artists in a way no other Internet or terrestrial station.  They wait on you to service them free of charge, we want to set a different precedence going forward of mutual respect and need.  Secondly, it will expedite our service process and ensure that your music is displayed correctly over our app and recently  played viewing long displayed on our website.


If you would like more information on CRB ruling and information on how you can stand, as an independent artist, with Internet radio, click on the links below.  Partner with us to stop this corporate takeover of another block of Americana.


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NOTE: We are currently fully licensed through Stream Licensing.

Direct Internet Radio Music License Form

Click on the PDF icon to the right to download your Direct Internet Radio Music License for and fax it to us as soon as possible.  Fax your form to: (832) 674-1775