You are now a member of Jumpstart Program.  In just a few weeks you will be broadcasting for the entire Body of Christ to hear.


Please print this page as it contains information you will need on how to submit your broadcast and payment so you can maintain your Jumpstart Program rates.


  1. Your account number will be sent to the email used to signup for the Jumpstart Program.  

  2. Your broadcast MUST be submitted no later than the 20th of each month before your first broadcast.

  3. You MUST submit an entire month's worth of broadcasts at one time.  Please indicate in each file name the day that particular broadcast should air.  Please pay special attention to months that would be 5 weeks. Partial submissions will automatically be rejected and could result in you losing your broadcast slot.  Partial submissions will also result in termination from the Jumpstart Program and current broadcasting rates will commence.

  4. All audio files submitted must be in MP3 format ONLY. (Click here to 

  5. Please only submit one month's worth of broadcast at a time as to not overwhelm the production department.

  6. You must submit a onetime professional photo no less than 300 dpi's. 

  7. You must have a functional professional website and/or a listing with The Gospel Grid Directory.  (A Facebook page will not substitute for requirement.)  We suggest as they offer a load of features that will help you connecting to the public and their sites are easily managed.  You can go to to start building your free listing.

  8. Your broadcasts are expected to be professional and timely. You may go under your time but never over your time.

  9. Profanity or inappropriate language can result in immediate termination of broadcasting privileges.  While there are too many broadcasting ministries to listen to for compliance, we ask you to be sensitive, respectful and conservative in your delivery of the word via our platform.  Our goal is to help you increase your presence on a regional/national level.  We are not here for controversy!

  10. There is no contract nor hidden fees.  You may end your broadcasting ministry with us at anytime.  We do ask, however, that you please give us the courtesy of at least 30 days notice of your decision.  This will allow those that are waiting on a slot the opportunity to prepare themselves.



We are looking forward to a great broadcasting relationship.  Feel free to contact us should you need any additional help.


God bless,

Team Grid