We are using a weekly broadcasting model in lieu of the daily broadcast model.  You will broadcast on the same day and time each week instead of each day.  We are implementing this model to give more ministries exposure opportunities. This will help broadcasting budgets to remain low as they maintain their fingerprint on the Body of Christ.


We are looking for the next voices (preachers and teachers) of God for the Body of Christ.  Our model is a simple one, advertise this platform and all of its components -- that would be you! We believe a fresh word, fresh wind and fresh anointing is in the future for the Church and many of you have been ordained to refresh the hearts of God's people.  We are keeping our overhead low so we can take full advantage of this platform and provide you with as much opportunity to expand your ministry as possible.  Take a few minutes to listen to the station, especially around the 9:00 a.m., 12 Noon, 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. hours.  We will broadcast a sample message to give you an idea of how it works and how to prepare.


Introductory Rates:

15 Minute Ministry Broadcasts - $50

30 Minute Ministry Broadcasts - $100




Note: Regional channels will begin once we have a minimum of 20 ministries with a broadcast commitment.

FEBRUARY 29, 2016


There are 53 broadcasting slots available.


45 of 53 Slots Available


Jumpstart Your Broadcast Ministry For $20 


To celebrate the launch of The Gospel Grid eRadio Network, we have a special ministry broadcast offer.  Weekday and Sunday broadcasts have been slashed by 50%.  That's right!  You can broadcast once, Monday through Friday for 15 minutes for only $25 -- that would be $100 per month.  Sunday broadcasts are 30 minutes only for the jump starter coast of $50 per week -- that would be $200 per month.  This rate will stay in affect as long as you consecutively broadcast with us.  Should you stop, for whatever reason, your fee will automatically default to the regular rates at that time.  Once the broadcast slots have been filled for your region, the Jumpstart campaign offer will end.


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